Q:  Why did you create the series?
A:  There are so many races available in eastern North Carolina.  We wanted to select a core group of successful events that have high participation to create a competitive series and to help these races grow.


Q:  Is this series created to make a profit?
A:  No.  Participating races pay a small fee to become part of the series.  These fees are utilize to purchase awards, host a website, marketing and for year-end cash awards.  The hope is for each race to see an increase in participation.  No individual is pocketing fees paid by the series races.


Q:  I have a problem/question with a race.  Can you help?
A:  No.  Any race issues should be directed to the specific event director.  The Down East Race Series only aggregates the results and ranks the runners.




Q:  I missed the first few events.  Can I still participate?

A:  Yes.  We take your five best times to complete the rankings.  As long as you finish five events you qualify for awards.


Q:  Is this series just for fast people?
A:  Nope!  The year-end cash prizes are for our fastest runners (see below), but any runner that finishes five events receives a Down East Race Series merchandise item.  We will announce the item soon.


Q:  How do I sign up for the Series?
A:  It is simple.  You don’t.  By finishing any of the series events you will be added to our rankings.  


Q:  How much does it cost to run in the series?
A:  There is no additional charge to participate in the Down East 5k Series.  You do however need to pay for each race entry of each individual event.


Q:  Can I pay one fee for all series events?
A:  No.  Each event is owned and operated by its own race director.  You need to sign up directly with each race.




Q:  How are the ranking calculated?
A:  Your five best 5k performances are added up.  Points are earned based on Age Grading scoring.  See the "Point System" tab above to learn more.  


Q:  What time do you use?
A:  When it is available, we will utilize the “chip time” for each race.  If there is not a chip time, we will use “gun time”.


Q: When do you update results?
A:  Generally results will be uploaded to our site one week after each series race.  This allows time for each race to address any timing changes and have final results.


Q: When are rankings final?
A:  The rankings are not final until the final posting after the last race.  We reserve the right to update the rankings after an event is over, but changes will only be made if the official race results have changed for a series event.  


Q:  What if my time is wrong?
A:  We will only take the official results from each race.  We will NOT make time adjustments to our rankings unless the official results have changed.  We will not accept emails from runners or race directors with timing adjustments.  If it is not in the official results posted online to the race’s website it does not count.  Note, we do not check results every day, so if you know a race has changed their results after we have imported them, please let us know.


Q:  How do I remove my name removed from your website?  
A:  Please email us using the contact us link, and we will be happy to move you from the rankings.  


Q:  My name changed (or is wrong).  What do I do?
A:  If your name changed during the year, we may not be able to properly match all of your times to your name.  Although we cannot make changes to the official race results, we can “merge” names in our rankings.  For example, Michael Smith and Mike Smith.  We can also merge results for a runner who has married during the year.  


Q:  I participated in an event, but not in the 5k.  Does that count?
A:  No.  Several of our events have other distances to race.  We will only review 5k results.  So if you run seven 5ks and then a 10k, you still only have seven qualifying times.


Q:  Not all 5ks are the same difficulty.  Why should I run a race that is hilly?
A:  Because every one of these events is locally produced.  Supporting local events is critical to the success of running in eastern NC.  Not to mention, it is not easy to get five qualifying times.  Logging as many 5k times as possible gives you a cushion in case you miss a race, or just have a bad day.


Q:  What is this prize money you are talking about?
A:  At the end of the series, we will award prize money to the top 10 point earners.  See the "Point System" link at the top for details.


Q: When do I get my check?
A:  These will be mailed two weeks after the final race in the series.  They will not be available at the last race as we need time to tabulate and confirm the results.




Q: How do I qualify for the participant merchandise?
A: Any runner that successfully completes five Series 5k events earns merchandise.


Q:  How do I get my item?
A: Items will be available for pick up at the last two events of the year.  For runners who have completed qualifying 5k races you may pick up your item at the events.  We do not mail anything.


Q:  Can I purchase merchandise?
A:  Any unclaimed items at our final 2016 event will be available for purchase.




Q:  Can my race participate in the series?
A:  Yes.  We have a maximum of 12 events for 2016.  The last date to request inclusion is March 31, 2016.


Q:  How much does it cost to be a participating race?
A:  There is a $200 series fee.  


Q:  What do you do with my $200?
A:  The fee is used to cover the costs of the series.  No individual profits from the series.  The expenses are as follows:  Website hosting, participant awards, year-end cash awards, and marketing.  We want your race to be successful.  If your race is successful, the number of participants in the series will grow.  Each race will have an equal portion of online advertising dedicated to their race.


Q:  What do mean advertise my race?
A:  We will use a portion of your fee to market each event in the series through our Facebook page.  We will launch a “promoted post” for each race six weeks prior to your race date.  This post will be shown to a target audience of runners in your area).  We will also post 30 days out, 5 days out, and 5 days after your event.


Q:  Do you really not profit off of this?
A:  Promise.  We don’t.  We will show you how each dollar is spent.


Q:  What are the qualifications to be a participating race?
A:  Your event must agree to do the following:
1.    Have chip timing and a minimum of 150 finishers.  
2.    You cannot be within two weeks of our other series events.
3.    Within one week of the race you must provide an electronic results file for our rankings.  
4.    You must also agree to display our series logo on your website and race shirt .
5.    You must agree to do three social media posts a year that promote the race series (if you have a social media page)
6.    And of course. . . you must be in eastern North Carolina.

Q:  Is my race guaranteed to be added if I ask?

A:  No.  If your race is in the same month as an existing event, we need the permission of that race director before approving.

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